Le Creuset Lever Corkscrew LM250

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Le Creuset Lever Corkscrew LM250
There are a couple of features that should impress you whenever you use the Le Creuset Lever Corkscrew. The first is the lack of effort required, and the second is the speed in which the operation is complete. You simply clamp the bottle between the two handles, pull the lever towards you, at which point the screw burrows into the cork as though it were made of jelly, push the lever back, at which point part of the mechanism automatically locks in place, and that's it, done. Clamp, pull lever, push lever back, and it's out, with so little resistance it's hard to believe. Also, once you've removed the cork, if you hold the handles together and push lever away, and somehow the mechanism knows to behave differently, and the cork will be removed from the screw completely. This version comes in an attractive gift box, and also includes the patented Le Creuset four wheeled foil cutter.

You may have picked up from the description above, I really like this corkscrew, and have owned one for many years. I was introduced to it by a colleague, and from that moment on, irrespective of how much wine I didn't drink at the time, I had to have one. In fact, I'm pretty sure the reason I'm now quite fond of my wines, is because I started to buy lots just as an excuse to use and impress people with my brilliant corkscrew.


  • Lightweight Durable Construction
  • Effortless Motion
  • Gift Set Packaging
  • Patented Four Wheel Foil Cutter Included
  • 10 Year Le Creuset Guarantee