Bucket Barbecue

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Bucket Barbecue
At first glance the Bucket Barbecue may appear to be more of a novelty product, but in fact we have found it really is a rather practical piece of kit. By loading the bucket with charcoal and a couple of fire lighters before you set off, the Bucket Barbecue actually makes one of the most portable and easy to carry barbecues around. Not only that, it's also perfectly effective in it's cooking role when you arrive at your destination. 


  • Raised Carrying Handle
  • Portable and Lightweight Design
  • 30cm Diameter Grill
  • Charcoal Grate

At Pig in a Handcart the impromptu after work barbecue gathering is something we enjoy quite regularly, and at our preferred beach location for such events, the portability of one's barbecue is a key feature, as there is a considerable walk involved to get from where the road ends to where the beach begins.  In the past we have tried using the throw-away barbecues that you can buy from most supermarkets, but have found the experience quite unrewarding, also they are not very environmentally friendly, and with one example we tried, we had to abandon the throw-away contraption, hunt down some wood and start a fire from scratch, firstly because the stupid thing just wouldn't burn, and secondly, while trying to correct the first problem, the whole thing just fell apart. In contrast the Bucket Barbecue has served us well time after time.