Barbecue Smoker and Herb Set

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Barbecue Smoker and Herb Set
Our barbecue parties have had various themes over the years, and have often included a ban on burgers, sausages and chicken legs. Why? I certainly can't explain that, seems like madness to me. However, I will admit that it's nice to do something different and spice things up a bit. Using this wood chip smoker set, regardless of how elaborate your ingredients are, you can add a twist and some extra flavour. The cast iron smoker box, once loaded with wood chips provided, is placed in the hot coals and creates smoke which enhances the flavours of your chosen menu, and also creates a general aroma at your venue, which is vastly preferable in our view, to the traditional smell of burning charcoal, firelighters, or barbecue lighter fluid. This set also comes with packets of rosemary and thyme seeds, complete with growing instructions, and recipes for marinades that you could make from your harvest to further enhance your barbecue event. 

  • Cast Iron Smoker Box
  • Large Bag of Aromatic Wood Chips
  • Seed Packets
  • Metal Markers
  • Growing Instructions
  • Recipes
  • Attractive Gift Packaging