Window Mosaic Dolphin

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Window Mosaic Dolphin
Create a beautiful translucent mosaic for your window, mirror, or fridge if you so please, it sticks to almost any shiny surface and with no glue or stickiness involved. Of course, on a window is where the finished mosaic ideally belongs, and when the sun shines comes out, the results are colourful and very pleasing. To create the mosaic a guide template of the design is provided, and on top of this you place the transparent board, then you separate the pre-cut mosaic pieces, and place them on top of the template to follow the design. Once you have finished aligning the 800 or so mosaic pieces, your final picture will be 26 x 26cm.


  • Creates a Translucent Mosaic Picture
  • Completed design measures 26 x 26cm
  • Over 800 Mosaic Pieces
  • No Glue Required