Herb Cutting Scissors with 5 Blades

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Herb Cutting Scissors with 5 Blades
Finely chopped herbs are added to many dishes, and make a huge difference to flavour. Chopping them can be time consuming, depending on how much practice you've had, but definitely worth the effort, or often essential in our view. Now though, there is no need to even consider the time factor, as these scissors will fine chop herbs in seconds thanks to the use of a five stainless steel blade design, created specifically for the task. A simple case of more is better, and five blades are better than one. 

The Herb Scissors come in an attractive blister pack, complete with a little comb to help clean, and easily remove any pieces of chopped herb from between the blades.


  • Efficient 5 blade design
  • Cleaning Comb Included
  • Stainless Steel Blades