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Summer Outdoor Selection

Storm KettleMake tea literally anywhere with minimal fuel required thanks this clever design of kettle. Some screwed up paper, or dried grass, and some twigs are all that will be required to boil 1.5 litres of water in just a couple of minutes, by making use of the large surface area water jacket, which makes this Storm Kettle extremely quick and efficient.
Tumble Torch BlackLight the way with flame. This oil fueled Tumble Torch gives off a warm flickering light and, if used with Citronella Oil, repels insects. Two properties that will enhance outdoor events that continue into the small hours.
Bucket BarbecueNot the novelty item it might seem, this barbecue is portable enough to be taken anywhere. It can be pre-loaded with charcoal and some firelighters, and is therefore perfect for the impromptu barbecue event, in particular if you're venturing any significant distance on foot.  
Two Bottle Cooler BagFor us, white wine, and in particular sparkling wine, is best enjoyed outside on a nice summers day. At home is fine, but the experience can certainly be enhanced by venturing into the countryside. If that is your choice, this two bottle cooler bag could be very useful to you.