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For Bright Young Minds

Tin Can RobotIf you were to only ever recycle one tin can, we can think of no better method than turning one into a walking robot. 
Potato ClockEven at my age, I still find it quite unbelievable that it is possible to power a digital clock with nothing more than a potato.  Bright young minds will love it. 
Solar MechanicsHarnessing the power of the sun using solar cells, and making use of typical household items otherwise destined for the bin, this kit allows you to create range of different contraptions. Create a robot that scuttles around the floor, a device that projects colourful rainbow patterns around the room, a fan to keep you cool on hot sunny days, and more. 
Weather StationIn Britain there is no telling what the weather will do from one day to the next, at least with this weather monitoring kit, whatever the climate throws at us, there is some fun involved and facts to learn. 
Window Mosaic ButterflyOur easy to make butterfly window mosaic requires no glue or stickiness, it clings to virtually any shiny surface like magic.
Window Mosaic DolphinPlaced on a window, you will get the full affect of this stunning ocean scene, especially when the sun comes out. It can be stuck to just about any shiny surface, and with no glue or sticky substances required.