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For the Barbecue

Bucket BarbecueNot the novelty item it might seem, this barbecue is portable enough to be taken anywhere. It can be pre-loaded with charcoal and some firelighters, and is therefore perfect for the impromptu barbecue event, in particular if you're venturing any significant distance on foot.  
Barbecue Smoker and Herb SetThis cast iron smoker, complete with aromatic wood chippings, can make your next barbecue event something a little different and add some extra flavour. Lightly smoked barbecue grilled salmon anyone? That's me sold.
Barbecue Corn on the Cob SetBarbecue grilled corn on the cob is delicious, and is an easy to prepare addition to any barbecue event where you want to offer an alternative to the obligatory sausages and burgers. This set contains ceramic trays and metal forks specially designed to make serving and eating it much easier and more stylish. 
Pizza Stone and Herb Set

Pizza is a great comfort food, and we believe seasonally neutral. This pizza stone will aid in the cooking the perfect pizza base, by replicating the affects of a masonry oven.