About the Company

How it Started

Pig in a Handcart as a concept was conceived in the spring of 2010, and acquired its trading name in the summer of the same year. Since then the team members have been working very hard to select products aligned to our goal. But how do we sum up that goal? And how do we decide a product is right for our customers? Well, if we collectively believe that something is exceptionally capable in its function, enhances enjoyment of an activity, or simply makes us laugh, well, those are qualities that will go far in our view. It's only our view of course, your assement of the qualities and humour may be very different, and we can't please everybody, but we would hope a good number of you will find something in our offering that achieves at least one of the aforementioned qualities. 

There is no particular category we would consider our range of products should fit in to, and that should at least mean things will remain interesting and varied, as we continue to hunt for wonderful ideas that meet our criteria.

You called your company what?

You could be forgiven for wondering how we came to settle on the name Pig in a Hand Cart for our company. From myself though, as the scribe for the witterings on this website, and also the brain behind this somewhat absurd name, you can be assured that I will be nothing other than pig headed in my assessment of the genius it bestows upon us.

While our business was in early conceptual development, I visited a venue near to our base on the Norfolk Broads, which is home to a variety of local cottage-industry-types, local artists and craftsmen, and was hoping to find some little gems of creativity, locally sourced, that we could offer to our customers. Unfortunately, as I'm no particular fan of dodgy looking porcelain dogs, or books that attempt to translate the often unintelligable norfolk dialect, this search would have born little fruit, but for one particular exhibit. My eye was caught by a beautifully crafted pig standing in a hand cart. And, by 'hand cart', I mean what many people would refer to as the 'Classic Red Wagon', something which can be found in toy outlets throughout the UK today. I had often wondered what the appeal of this contraption was, it has been a popular seller for over 70 years, but I have to say, the conveyance of pigs did not seem like the most likely draw. I remember wondering how these items could have ended up together, and thinking how ridiculous the whole creation was. That said, inexplicably, I really liked it. Only seconds later, I had decided that it made an excellent name for our company.

Despite the hilarity caused and the ciriticism generated by my decision, and to my great satisfaction, no one that has heard the name has ever forgotten it, and most likely, if you've read this far, neither will you.