Founder's Ramblings - Carry On Camping

The British weather has not been its best this year if you were hoping for some outdoor pursuits, or camping holidays. Itís been so unusual, that at our base in Norfolk we had a hosepipe ban throughout three weeks of constant rain. I couldnít see much point in the ban, but I refrained from using a hosepipe while wading through the lake that was formerly my lawn, or watching my car float down the road. Luckily it seems at the time of writing that summer is here, or at least I have decided it is, and a camping trip is required. 

Strangely, if I stay in a supposedly high quality hotel, I will invariably find fault with many things such as the room temperature, the quality of the towels, the power of the shower, the list goes on. Yet if you put me in a field with only thin fabric for cover, a three minute walk to the nearest bog or water supply, and only fire to cook with, Iím perfectly happy with the situation. I canít really explain why this is so, or why, if you havenít before, you should try it, but if nothing else, itís certainly a thrifty means of getting away for a few days. 

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